(Back When I Was) 6 Weeks Pregnant

*** Here is what I wrote at 6 weeks (I am currently 18 weeks).  I am determined to get caught up to current by October 1  ***


6 Weeks
So yesterday I hit the six week mark (even though I just found out I was expecting…weird pregnancy math). This little bean is the size of a sweet pea or a lentil right now, but growing fast. The heart is beating and lots important organ forming is going on.

I am starting to feel a little more fatigued than normal. I have been sleeping like a rock lately at night, which is sooo nice. I haven’t felt any nausea, but some things that I typically enjoy are starting to sound not-so-appetizing. That is pretty much what happened with Ashton. I can deal with aversions if I escape morning sickness again!

I am trying to decide when to tell everyone else. I swear I feel like my stomach is already poking out a bit, but i’m sure that is just in my head… or it’s bloating. I think we will tell the family after hearing the heartbeat. That appointment is just under two weeks away. I hope the time flies, because I am chomping at the bit to hear and see this little nugget!

On another note, is it possible to be nesting already? Just kidding (sort of). I have been on a cleaning/de-cluttering/organizing kick all of a sudden. Maybe it is my body telling me to do it now while I have the time and energy. Or, maybe it’s delayed spring cleaning.

I am going to write about this pregnancy when I can and when I am inspired. I hope I can be more consistent about blogging, but I’m just going to play it by ear. Right now it is my only outlet until I tell others :)

Baby #2 Coming in 2015!

*** I started writing some posts back when I first found out I was pregnant (I am now 15 weeks along).  It was my way to “talk” about it before my husband and I told anyone.  I am going to post them up so I have them to look back on in months/years to come :)  Here is the first one I put together… Others to follow soon!***


Whoa!  Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing?

I felt a little “different” last week, but having a very mobile 11month old keeps me on my toes, and mind off of the “different” feelings.  I was a little extra tired/sluggish and I was hungry all the time!  A little light headed if I didn’t eat more regularly/often than I typically do.  Then I was late.  But even this didn’t seem too out of the ordinary.

So just to check and see, I took a test.


And then another.


And then another.




Yep, this is happening!

Am I shocked?  Yes.  Am I excited?  Yes, yes, yes!!!  Ashton has older half-siblings, but I had been thinking it would be nice if he had a little brother/sister to add to the group :)  Picturing him with a little one makes my heart want to EXPLODE!  This is such a gift from God, and I am so thankful.

I am so healthy now after all I went through after having Ashton.  And knowing what I know now about Ulcerative Colitis/Autoimmune disease and pregnancy, my doctors and I will keep everything in check and monitored to make sure the baby and I stay healthy during and after the pregnancy.

Now all I have to do is keep it a secret for a while… This will be so hard the next few weeks (and especially since everything I have read and mom friends have said that you start to show much earlier with the 2nd baby)!!!!

Ashton 11 Months

I can’t believe Ashton is almost a year old! I should really start to plan his birthday party, haha!

11 Months


Here are some tidbits about Ashton at 11 months:

He is sooooo full of personality and facial expressions.

He still isn’t walking or standing on his own yet, but I swear he is so close!

No real talking yet, but he is trying hard. I notice when I tell him he is going in the whale tub (the bath) he tries to say it, but it just doesn’t quite come out. It is really, really cute.

He is still sleeping great at night with 2 naps during the day (as I am typing this, he is just waking up after sleeping 13.5 hours last night)!

He has been noticing/watching the airplanes that fly by our house… Maybe another future pilot? :)

He is drinking more water now, but I am still having a hard time getting him to drink out of a sippy cup :(

He lovvvvvvves his Dada, and tries to wrestle him any chance he gets.  It is really funny!

He’s not a fan of shopping (yet), boohoo!!!!

He rode in the grocery cart for the first time, and now loves that.  Now he’s been in them a bunch of times and my back and shoulders thank me.

I love this little boy so much!

10 things about Ashton at 10 (and a half) Months

Ashton 10 Months

1.  This kid is SOOOO happy!  Smiles on top of smiles.

2.  His hair is growing fast and getting lighter and lighter.  Predictions are out that he will be a toe-head by the end of summer.

3.  He likes to stand as much as possible.  He can’t do it on his own, but he pulls up on everything.

4.  He has four big teeth (two top, two bottom), and a couple more on top that are just about to poke through.

5.  He still sleeps like a champ.  12+ hours at night and two naps.  But he only sleeps in late when his dad is here…

6.  Jabbering all day.  He says “mamamama, dadada, nananana, babababa, hah,” but doesn’t know what any of them mean.

7.  He rides great in the strollers.  Sometimes he naps, sometimes he just rides and watches everything.

8.  He is starting to wave.  Typically only when he is by the front door. He will also clap anytime you say “yay!”

9.  He’s wearing 18-24 month clothes and size 4 diapers.  Those sizes have been the same for a while.  He’s still BIG.

10.  He makes me fall in love with him more and more every day.

9.5 Months

Hi there!  I’m baaaa-aaack!  And, you will never believe it (I sure can’t)… Ashton is 9.5 months old.  He’s been out in this world as long as he was in my belly.  I feel like the time goes so fast now, but it seemed like a snail’s pace when I was pregnant.  I know everyone says that, but it is so true.  So, I am trying to enjoy each day since it seems like the next day everything changes.IMG_4395

Right now, Ashton is moving constantly.  And he’s FAST!  He did the “army” crawl for a long time but now he is up on his hands and knees.  This mobility and exploring gets him in a pickle sometimes:IMG_4412  He sits up by himself, and pulls up on anything so he can stand.  He loves standing.  I had to lower the crib mattress a month or so ago because one day he just all of a sudden figured out how to pull himself up. IMG_4336

At his 9 month appointment, he weighed in at almost 23 pounds and almost 32 inches long.  He’s BIG!  He’s wearing size 18 month in all of his clothes.  He’s had two bottom teeth for a while now, but the top two are just starting to poke through.  He is eating a mix of formula and baby food, but is getting less interested in formula.  I have been giving him the “level 3″ food, which is chunkier baby food.  He is just starting to figure out the chewing motion, so I am going to start giving him more table food.  He will eat pretty much any food I give him right now, other than the plain rice cereal.  I have to mix that with other food if I want him to eat any of it.

Sleep is still fantastic.  He goes to bed by 7:30 every evening and wakes around 7:30am.  He will typically play in his crib for a half hour before I bring him downstairs.  He takes two naps during the day.  Usually a longer one in the morning.  Luckily, his teething has not disrupted his sleep.  That is good for both of us! ;)

Just this week he started saying “mamamamama.”  He doesn’t associate it with me, but it’s still really cute.  This morning he was saying it in his crib when he woke up.  He’s pretty proud of himself. :)

Other odds and ends:  His hair is growing fast and getting lighter.  I think it will get really blonde this summer.  He loves the swings at the park and I stop there on the way home from walking to let him have some fun.  He loves elmo’s voice on Sesame Street, Thomas the Train and Jeopardy.  Yes, we watch Jeopardy every evening right before he goes to bed and he’s enthralled with it. Haha!  Possibly the next Ken Jennings?

Some Lenten Eats



I have been meaning to and wanting to post more about what I am eating for Lent.  But, by the end of each day I am tuckered out!  So here are a few iPhone pics I have taken.  I plan on writing a bit more about it, but for now here are some (very amateur) photos from the last six weeks.        

(Not Pictured: a green smoothie (or two) each day, lots of roasted sweet potatoes, and much more)


What I’m Giving Up For Lent

Today is the start of Lent, and after some consideration I figured out what I was giving up.  Hopefully by putting it out here, I will be more accountable than keeping it private.

First, I am giving up processed foods.  After healing from my flare-up of ulcerative colitis back in September, I have noticed processed snacks, breads, and JUNK creep into my diet and become more and more abundant.  This is going to stop.  I have been reading a bunch lately, and the themes that keep coming up are whole foods and less gluten.  Everyone that I have read about has had major health improvements by eating this way – more energy, fewer health issues (including colitis). 

I eat pretty healthy to begin with (I was vegan for 3 years and still eat heavily vegetarian), but I just want to go out of my way to eliminate the processed stuff and see how I feel.  I find that I grab the processed stuff when I am tired and don’t feel like cooking.  So, this is going to force me to roll up my sleeves and get into the kitchen more (not ordering a gluten free pizza or eating a bunch of pre-packaged snacks).  Those packaged foods are expensive and add up, so I will feel much better spending the money on whole foods that nourish my body.  It is also going to require a little more planning and cooking while the little guy is napping.  I find cooking therapeutic and relaxing, it’s just getting started that I sometimes have the problem doing.  

Second, I am giving up grocery bags.  For the next forty days I am going to have to bring my own reusable bags with me when I grocery shop.  No more bringing things back in tons of plastic bags… or paper ones, for that matter.  

My recent trip to California made me consider doing this.  Out there, you have to pay $.10 per bag at checkout if you want to use their bags.  This forces people to bring their own bags more often.  I use and throw away far too many of these bags, so for Lent I will be giving up that habit. 

So, there they are.  I will try and post updates on my progress.  I have dreams of taking pictures of all the wholesome food I will be eating, but we will see if that happens.  Maybe i’ll work on my photography skills during Lent :)

PS:   Knowing I was giving up the processed foods, I ate a bunch of it yesterday.  I was SO THIRSTY all night, slept horribly and woke up looking forward to the beginning of these 40 days.