Friday Favorites And Second Pregnancy – Weeks 34 & 35


Has it been a week already?  I totally meant to post earlier this week, but I guess I am back to another Friday Favorite already! Erika, Narci & Andrea are the blogs listed in the picture below, check out their fun blogs… I sure love them!Friday Favorites
After a decent week of sleep during week 34, the insomnia is back for week 35.  Ugh!!!  Ashton has been sleeping really late, so this makes me extra frustrated that I can’t enjoy that.  Wahhhhhh!!!!😭😭😭😭  This morning instead of just laying there in bed, I got up and did some yoga… I’ll get back to you and let you know how that made me feel the rest of the day.  So far, it has helped wake up my muscles and bring a little ease into my breathing.

Week 34

Week 34 Bump

Week 34 I had my weekly NST and also an appointment with the nurse.  The practice I go to rotates every other visit with my actual doctor and a nurse.  I have seen the same nurse a few times, and she is super-nice.  Everything sounded, measured, looked great!  The baby measured a week ahead, but the nurse said a week or two off isn’t out of the ordinary.  I was able to do one prenatal yoga class that week and a couple walks.  Less than I would like, but better than nothing.  I am trying my hardest to stay active during these remaining weeks.  It is really easy to forgo a workout in the cold/dreary weather we have been having.

Week 35

Week 35 Bump

Week 35 (this week) has started with the insomnia monster.  I miss you, endless coffee…

This week I only had my NST, and it was quick & easy since baby girl was having quite the party and hiccups the entire time.  They monitor her for at least 20 minutes and need to see enough movement before letting me go.  Some weeks it takes longer than 20 minutes, but not this week!  Ashton always chose to take naps during the NSTs when I was pregnant with him, so the appointments would draaaaaaagggg on and on.

This week, baby girl is about 19-20 inches long and weighs about 5.5 pounds.  It’s incredible to think there is a human that size in my body right now.  Well it’s hard to believe until evening comes around and I feel every ounce of the weight :)  She can really pack a punch (or kick) nowadays!

I am sooooo out of breath all the time.  I feel like I have had a hard workout just by doing little things.  Some days/times are worse than others.  This morning was one where even if I sit a bunch I am still worn out.  I’m sure it has to do with the amount of sleep I get, but even on days when I have gotten decent sleep I can still feel this way from time to time.

My belly button is pretty much non-existent. I have scar tissue from an old umbilical hernia surgery, and that pokes out and looks like I have an outtie through my shirts.  And speaking of outtie, I have “outtie” grown my regular winter coat.  If I am lucky I can wear it with a thin shirt, but with any sort of thicker layer, it’s a no-go.  I am actually surprised it lasted this long.  This brings me to one of my favorites this week:

I looooove my coat I got on sale to wear for my big belly.  It is a regular oversized coat from Gap, just in a bigger size.IMG_6405

Another favorite this week is this “Love” shirt from Target I am wearing in my 35 week bump pic.



It is a comfy, non-maternity shirt (I think in the junior section) that I love now and I know I will still love and be able to wear after the baby arrives.  The colors make me happy, and I may have already worn it more than I should’ve this week!

My appetite seems to be dwindling with the baby taking up more space.  I find it hard to eat first thing in the morning too.  I wouldn’t quite call it nausea, but it’s just a blah feeling.  I eat a lot of the gluten-free Luna bars, my favorite flavor right now being S’mores.IMG_6407

So, pretty much getting bigger and more tired sums up weeks 34 and 35 :)  Nothing too exciting.  Next week start weekly appointments and cervical checks (oh, fun)!

Happy Friday!!!

Friday Favorites: Coffee, Books and a Resolution

I am linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci again for another Friday Favorites!Friday Favorites

I have a few things I want to talk about today.  First up?  COFFEE!!!!IMG_6239

I don’t think my love of coffee really came into fruition until I had a baby.  I remember having my first cup of full-octane coffee a while after getting home from having Ashton (maybe a week or so), and proclaiming “I actually feel human again!”  I was unsure about the timing with drinking it and breastfeeding, but once I had my first cup, I was wondering how people manage without it :)

It’s not just the caffeine anymore, though.  I think it is more the ritual.  I love the first cup in the morning before anyone else gets up.  I have my quiet time and get the downstairs “ready” for my toddler to invade.  I’ve tried teas or just water, but nothing is quite the same as good ‘ol coffee.

I like my first cup just straight up, no creamer.  I use a Keurig and for now I have a medium roast half-caff. I have found that light roasts tend to be too light and dark roasts tend to hurt my tummy.  After the first cup (or half of a cup), I like to have a cup with my absolute FAVORITE creamer right now.  It is Organic Valley Soy French Vanilla.IMG_6244  I didn’t realize how much I loved it until I ran out and couldn’t find it for a week.  Soooooo good!

I can’t finish talking about coffee without discussing Starbucks.IMG_6240  I love Starbucks and I am so excited that one with a drive-thru is opening very close to our house, yay!  Side Note:  I didn’t know how much I would appreciate drive-thrus after having kids. Love. Them.

As for my drinks I get there, I’m a sucker for the holiday drinks, and I always get soy milk.  I have been a PSL (pumpkin spice latte) lover for a couple years, but at the end of December I discovered my new favorite.  The Chestnut Praline Latte.  Oh my word, it was sooooo good.  Much to my dismay, it was only around for the holidays.  Wahhhhhhhh!!!!!  I found this out the hard way last week and ended up with a plain soy vanilla latte.  I need to find something new to order now that the CPL is gonzo.  :(

Next up for favorites are books.  I love to read.  I love to listen to books on audio.  Since having Ashton, I have listened to more books than I have actually read.  We go on long walks and I am listening to an audiobook 90% of the time.  The best one I have listened to in a long time was Amy Poehler’s book, Yes Please.IMG_6241She read it herself and had many guests read as well (Seth Meyers, Carol Burnett, etc).  I didn’t want it to end.  I highly recommend listening to it, but also reading the hard copy.  I got the hard copy from the library to read and see stuff that I wouldn’t have gotten in the audiobook.  But with this book I also think you miss a ton if you don’t listen to the audio version too.  There is something so cool about hearing the actual author read their book.

Because of my audiobook addiction, I have strayed a bit from actually reading.  But this week I actually finished reading Gone Girl.  I started it a while back so I could read it before seeing the movie.  Oh boy, it was really crazy, but really entertaining.  I won’t spoil anything, but it’s a book I would recommend to anyone.  It isn’t really a genre that I would typically go for, but I am glad I did.

Along with it being a great read, Gone Girl really reignited my love for actually reading.  This leads me to my next favorite of the week… Resolutions!IMG_6242

I haven’t done resolutions on New Years for a while, but this year I decided to try and read (at least) one new book per month.  It doesn’t sound like a lot, but I wanted to give myself some grace since we will be welcoming a new baby in February.  If I can read more than one per month, GREAT!  But, I am just going to start by trying to read one per month.  There are a ton that I want to read, so it will be a fun resolution.  Gone Girl doesn’t count, as I decided I would finish it and then start the new-book-a-month resolution.  So, since January is about half over (how the heck did that happen???) I need to get cracking!

Weekend Wrap-Up

This long weekend (it was a long weekend in Ohio because of the National Championship game the Buckeyes played in) wrap-up is full of randomness, but it was a great weekend.  Friday we got tired of being stuck inside because of the cold weather, and we headed out to COSI.  We ended up loving it so much, we got a membership.  It will be so great to have a place to go and let Ashton run around (and get the adults out of the house more) during the winter.  Ashton loved it so much, and made it very clear how unhappy he was when it was time to go… yikes!

Fake chickens

Fake chickens


Always busy "working"

Always busy “working”

Saturday I got up and baked Shauna Niequist’s breakfast cookies (for the zillionth time).  Yum!  Her recipes never disappoint.

Vegan, Gluten Free, Oatmeal Banana Chocolate Chip

Vegan, Gluten Free, Oatmeal Banana Chocolate Chip

My mom came over to watch Ashton so my husband and I could go out and do some errands and just be kid-free for a few hours.  It was great, but every place we went was so busy.  The sun was shining and I think the people of central Ohio all had cabin fever from the week.

We went to Mellow Mushroom for a yummy lunch.  I LOVE their enlightened spinach salad!  We also (FINALLY) got a DVD player… Yippee!!!  I will finally get to watch Frozen!  We went to the mall for a bit, but man was it busy.  We got what we went for and then left.  Last up, Whole Foods.  They were having their big vitamin sale.  25% off is something I couldn’t miss.  I loaded up on some vitamins and then we headed home.

Saturday was an early-to-bed night, because Sunday morning was going to be a busy one.  Ashton got baptized Sunday, and it was really special.  We had gotten him an outfit the day before at the mall, and luckily the shirt fit.  The shoes did not.  We thought they might be big on him, but we were wrong.  He is just so big for his age!  Anyway, we got ready and headed to church.  We knew it would be interesting, and we were right, ha!  Ashton is into running around like a free bird, and he is not into being contained.  He had the whole congregation laughing, got baptized and then we toted him off to the nursery to play while we enjoyed the wonderful message.  We really love our pastor, and he did a great job with the whole thing.

Ashton Baptism

Ashton Baptism

Sunday afternoon the weather was really decent, so I finally got to take Ashton for a long walk (a nap in the stroller for him).  I needed it.  I love my walks, and I can tell a difference in my energy level and my personality when I don’t get to go out and walk for a while.  It is so crazy how expending energy can actually give me more.  My pace is waaaay slower now, but I don’t care.

After the walk, I went on a solo trip to Target.  Sounds boring, but it was so nice!

Excited for a solo Target trip :)

Excited for a solo Target trip :)

After Target I made some relish vegan “cheesy” kale in the oven.IMG_6212

I have been eating it plain and with the maple chickpeas I roasted.IMG_6220  The chickpeas are incredible!IMG_6218

I guess I have been trying to up my veggie intake, because in the evening I have been snacking on stuff like this:

Carrots, Celery, Mary's Crackers, Hummus

Carrots, Celery, Mary’s Crackers, Hummus

And then Monday… I am considering Monday part of the weekend, because it is basically a holiday here in Columbus, Ohio.  The Buckeyes (my alma-mater) were playing for the national championship title… AND WON!!!!!  WOOOHOO!!!  I found this pic of Ashton as a Buckeye throwback.

How is this the same kid???

How is this the same kid???

Seriously, I barely remember him being that little.  Time really does fly!  I am definitely going to make a strong effort to soak up every little bit (good, bad, sleepless, etc) of the new baby girl’s newborn phase.  It passes so fast!

Second Pregnancy – 32 & 33 Weeks

Every week I wonder how it is possible I am this far along.  At this point, I am also wondering how my belly is going to grow bigger and bigger for another six or seven weeks!  I feel like I am as big as I was at the end with Ashton, even though I still have weeks to go.

32 Weeks

32 Weeks

33 Weeks

33 Weeks

Everything has been going good: I am gaining the right amount of weight per week, the baby is moving a ton, the NST’s have all looked great.

My view at the NST

My view at the NST

At the 32 week appointment, baby girl was measuring a week ahead of schedule, but that can vary and change week-to-week.  I am really curious to see if she is still measuring ahead of schedule at the 34 week appointment.  She definitely feels bigger, her kicks and rolls are strong!  They can shake me (like when I am in relaxation poses at the end of yoga, haha) and it’s pretty crazy to watch my belly move around.  Depending on her position, my belly can look pretty lopsided at times! :)

I am so grateful that she is doing so well!  But along with the good, a few other not so pleasant symptoms have started popping up. The worst?  Pregnancy insomnia… UGHHHHH!!!!!   Seriously, I wake up in the middle of the night after a few good hours of sleep, use the restroom and then lay awake for hours.  I’ll toss and turn (as much as a belly this large will allow) and pray that I fall back asleep for even a little bit before it is time to get up in the morning.  I know it is common at this point in pregnancy, but I really hope it doesn’t last.  I know the sleepless nights that are going to come with a newborn, so I want to get every drop of sleep I can now.  I get so jealous of Ashton’s long, sound sleep he gets every night…

Pregnancy insomnia is no fun!

Pregnancy insomnia is no fun!

Another symptom I have noticed in these last two weeks is heartburn.  It’s not too bad, but sometimes when I am having the insomnia attacks, I get some heartburn.  I remember getting heartburn with Ashton towards the end too.  Maybe it means she will have as much hair as he did/does?!

I also think I can feel contractions now and then.  I never did with Ashton, but it was more because I didn’t know what I was looking for.  After one of my last NST’s, I realized some of the sensations I get are actually contractions, and not just low kicks, etc.  Now I can feel them and know what they are.  They don’t happen often.  I maybe feel them once or twice a day.

I would still be walking if the temperatures weren’t dangerously cold outside.  Grrrr!  I love the cool weather and winter, but I don’t like it when it is so cold that I can’t even go outside for a walk.  I will go walking in temps that are in the 20s and 30s, but not when the wind chill is single digit or less.  I am getting major cabin fever and dying to go for a long walk.  It looks like Sunday or Monday I might actually get out for one.

As far as food goes, the only thing that I really have an aversion to is almond milk.  For some reason it just makes my stomach turn during this pregnancy.  I eat pretty much whatever I want, just not as big of quantities lately.  I get full quicker and quicker as the weeks pass.  Green smoothies are back as a staple again, and I love that Ashton is loving them with me now too :)  I have been thirstier than normal lately, but I think it is because my husband and I ate out a few times and I am just not used to all the sodium that restaurants use.

Mmmmm... Smoothie goodness!

Mmmmm… Smoothie goodness!

There isn’t too much new/exciting to report these weeks.  Oh, except that we are 99.9% set on a name… Woohoo!  But that will be a secret until she is born :)








Nesting Into The New Year

Wow, I don’t know if it was the scare last week or just maternal nesting instincts, but this girl has been on a roll the last week!  I am cleaning (stuff that doesn’t already need cleaned daily due to having a toddler), organizing, de-cluttering, etc. like it is nobody’s business!  Nothing is safe!IMG_6063

The baby girl’s room is almost cleared of all miscellaneous “stuff” that has been collecting in there for months.  This was a bigger deal than what it sounds.  (Suddenly our home is feeling a bit smaller)  The crib is in place, the mattress is out of its plastic and the sheets are washed and put on.

This awesome baby bjorn chair is all washed and set up:

This chair was a life-saver with Ashton!

This chair was a life-saver with Ashton!

The Boppy Newborn Lounger is washed and ready to go:

I had wished I got this earlier with Ashton... I foresee it getting a lot of use.

I had wished I got this earlier with Ashton… I foresee it getting a lot of use.

The portable crib that she’ll sleep in next to our bed is ready to go too!

I am feeling really good about all of the organizing I have gotten done in a week, that I am feeling confident we will get it all done in the next couple weeks.  Most of the major things are finished, now I can concentrate on more of the little things and taking it easy.

Things I want to do in the next week or so:

  • Get pump and nursing accessories ready
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Move our rocker from Ashton’s room into the baby’s room
  • Get the little drawer set from target set up
  • Curtains
  • Go through Ashton’s newborn (that he didn’t get to wear since he was too big) stuff and get it washed




I am hoping all of this momentum rolls over into the New Year :)  I’ve got our pork and sauerkraut in the slow cooker for New Year’s Day. Yum!

The house will smell so good in the morning!

The house will smell so good in the morning!

Now I’m off to sip my root beer and fall asleep before midnight… Party! :)

Second Pregnancy – 31 Weeks

Week 31, whew!  It has been a crazy one, and I’m not just saying that because of the holidays.

Tuesday, I was having my dad come over to watch Ashton so I could go finish my Christmas shopping.  My brother and his girlfriend were coming up later that day, so I had a list, a plan and a mission.  But we all know what happens to the best plans.  They change.

Monday night I wasn’t feeling as much movement from baby girl as normal.  Typically she is a dancing queen at night, but Monday she was not kicking up her heels.  I noticed it, but wasn’t overly concerned.  I know that she is starting to have more patterns of awake/sleep time, so I thought maybe she was just napping.  I get thirsty during the night, so I brought a gatorade to bed with me that night- when I drank it in the middle of the night, the sugar would surely get her moving.

Well, the gatorade did not work.  I didn’t sleep well after this, but figured when I got up and had my (half-caff) coffee, she would start bouncing around like normal.  I think it’s the warmth of the first sip that really gets her going in the morning.  This didn’t work either.  I had felt a few random movements here and there, but not the amount that I am supposed to be looking for.  Ashton wasn’t letting me sit and relax to see if I could count more movements, so that made me get more anxious.  So when my dad arrived to babysit, I left and called my doctor’s office while I was driving.

I explained to the nurse what was going on, and they had me come straight there to do a non-stress-test (NST).  This monitors the baby’s movement, heart rate and contractions (if I am having any).  Starting next week I am supposed to go once a week to have these tests done since I am over 35 years old, so I was getting a jump start on it.  It’s actually a relaxing time if you are there for a routine NST and not because you are worried about your baby.  They put you in a nice cushy recliner, kick up your feet and just let the baby do all the work.IMG_5935

Well her heart rate and everything looked great, just not the movement.  I was hooked up there for 40-60 minutes, and the nurse wasn’t happy with the low movement.  She wanted to be on the safe side to make 100% sure all was ok, so she sent me to the hospital (labor and delivery) for a BPP (an ultrasound scan that measures movements, breathing practice, etc).

I was staying calm and not freaking out, but going to the actual labor and delivery floor was a little unnerving.  I had to go into a triage room and put on a hospital gown.  That’s when I started to get a bit nervous.IMG_5941

These thoughts started going through my head: “What if they keep me here?” – “What if I have to have and emergency c-section now?” – “My hospital bag isn’t packed!” – “The baby’s room isn’t ready!”  –  “The car seat isn’t in the van!” – “She’s not big enough to be born yet!”IMG_5942

They got me cranberry juice and then got the ultrasound all hooked up.  She started moving a lot, and knocked the amount of movements off the check list.  Everything (fluid, movements, measurements, etc) looked good.  We just had to wait on her to practice breathing for the amount of time they needed to wrap it up.  I was on my back this whole time, and now I know why you aren’t supposed to spend a lot of time on your back.  You get light headed and start to feel like you are going to pass out.  Well, it was either the back-laying position or the nerves.  Maybe a combo of the two.  Whatever it was, I was fine after I sat up and sipped chugged the cranberry juice.IMG_5939

Baby girl ended up getting a perfect score, and I was released!  Woohoo!  This took ALL DAY, so I didn’t get any of my shopping done.  But, that is totally fine.  I was happy that the baby and I were healthy. Period.  This has also lit a fire under my rear to GET READY for this baby.  I am going to try and get her room ready and my bag packed in the next two weeks (hopefully in one week).

Here are a few odds and ends about week 31:

  • She is now heads down (a week ago she was heads up).  I think maybe she was tired from the big flip, and that is what caused the day of rest for her :)
  • I can feel her body parts (feet, hands, knees, head) through my stomach, and she responds when I push on them.  I don’t know which body part it is when I can feel it, but it is pretty cool.
  • I am getting more and more tired.  Little things wear me out, and sometimes I just get tired for no reason.  A lot of days my good ‘ol half-caff doesn’t even do a thing for me, I still feel like I could take a nap after drinking my coffee.
  • I feel heavier… My belly, my chest, basically my whole mid-section feels like it is growing at lightening speed. This isn’t a shock since the baby is now putting on weight faster than she has the whole pregnancy.  The docs say I am supposed to be gaining around a pound a week now.
  • The baby is about 3.5 pounds.  What is crazy is that when Ashton was born, he was more than six pounds heavier than what this baby is now.  I don’t know how my stomach held him (or how it is going to hold this baby girl for another 2 months)!
  • I get full fast and I get hungry fast.  Some mornings I have a tiny bit of nausea and the last thing I want is food, but eating is what is supposed to help that feeling go away.
  • No new cravings or aversions.  I can pretty much eat anything.
  • I am making an effort to drink more water, and therefore using the restroom a TON.
  • My sleep is getting kind of crappy.  I wake up around 3:30 or 4am to go to the bathroom and drink water (or gatorade, or coconut water) and have the hardest time falling back to sleep.  Like awake for two hours.  Ugh!
  • I’m still walking a lot.  I am looking forward to yoga starting again, it is hard to get myself to do a dvd at home.  It is also hard to find the time to do it since Ashton is a busy bee and won’t let me practice much.




Over The Weekend

This weekend started a little rough, but ended nicely.  Nothing cures a bad day like a good cry and some DELICIOUS gluten free goodies that my mom brought me from Cherbourg Bakery.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.  I’m almost eight months pregnant, so let me have my little victories however I get them ;)

Bad lighting, yummy goodies.

Bad lighting, yummy goodies.

Cherbourg is this awesome local bakery/cafe I recently discovered after my totally awesome hair stylist told me about it.  It is all gluten AND nut free, and everything I have tried from there has been divine.  This chocolate/cream cheese cupcake that my mom brought this weekend was hands-down my favorite so far, though.  I didn’t want it to end.  It was so good, that I devoured it before getting a picture of it individually.

I also got (hopefully) all of the remaining Christmas cards sent out… cutting it close!  This was Ashton’s visit with Santa that turned into a pretty classic picture.  We turned it into our Christmas card this year, because it was just too funny not to share.



I also attended my first non-prenatal yoga class at Yoga On High.  It was a beginner Hatha class, and it was really great.  I am looking forward to going back to another one and also trying a Hatha level 1 class.  After over a week off from taking any classes, it was just what the doctor ordered.

Saturday evening, I FINALLY watched Love Actually.

Soooooo Good!

Soooooo Good!

One of my good friends has been telling me to watch it for years.  I don’t know why I waited so long, it is now one of my favorite movies.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry… Fine holiday fun! ;)  Seriously though, it was SO good, I will probably be watching it again in the next day or so.  Even better, I started watching it in the evening (about an hour before Ashton’s bedtime) when he tends to be clingy/fussy, and he just played in the room with me and watched some of it too.  I think I might be watching more movies now that I figured out this little “trick.”  Sounds like a good plan for these last two months of my pregnancy.

Sunday, I got to do some Christmas shopping.  The weather actually turned a lot more mild, and the sun was finally shining.  I braved the crowds and headed to Easton.  It was surprisingly not too crazy.  I got a good parking spot at Nordstrom and walked around all over the place.  I got a few gifts and looked at these DKNY pajamas that Shay has been raving about.  They do look super cozy!

I got a lot of walking in over the weekend.  Sunday I had so much energy and the weather was so nice, that I went on two walks (on top of the walking while shopping).  The second walk was really more because Ashton didn’t nap long and I thought we could go look at some of the neighborhood Christmas decorations/lights.  By nighttime though, I was feeling it.  This was what my Jawbone Up24 App said:

Lots of steps!

Lots of steps!

I definitely overdid it.  I was over-tired and my belly/round ligament area felt heavy.  I am not going to push it like that anymore, even if I am feeling great.  It made me more tired today, so I am just going to take it easy on the exercise today.

Happy Monday!