Friday Favorites

On this last day of October (Happy Halloween!), I am going to try something new and link up with Momfessionals and Erika for Friday Favorites.Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites This Week:

1.  This little Ohio State Buckeye football player.  Our trick-or-treat was last night, and it was so fun to see Ashton ride around in his wagon and watch all of the kids in the neighborhood.  He isn’t really of age to understand the whole thing, but next year I am guessing will be a blast!Buckeye

2.  Home Sweet Home!  After a road trip to Florida, it is soooooo nice to be back home and able to sleep in my own bed.  We all slept a ton the first night back :)

3.  Fall & the Holidays.  From Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas, I am just so excited about it all.  I think more than other years, I am so excited about them.  I really think that kids make it all so much more special, and I am planning on taking it all in and enjoying every last drop.

4.  Speaking of “every last drop,” I can’t get enough of my favorite Half-Caff Soy Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.  Get in my belly.  Do the red holiday cups come out tomorrow???IMG_5554



Second Pregnancy: Weeks 20 & 21

*** Almost Caught Up!  This Was Back When I Was 20 & 21 Weeks Pregnant ***

Well, I hit the half-way point – whoa – how can I be half way already?!  With my pregnancy with Ashton, it seemed to last forever.  This time it is flying!  I am so excited to meet this little girl, but I’m not going to lie, I am a little nervous at the same time.

I am getting bigger and finding that maternity clothes are the only items that are comfortable.  This last week I went through all of my clothes and old maternity clothes to see what would fit and what needs given away or put in storage.  I didn’t need maternity clothes in the cold weather when I was pregnant with Ashton, so most of my maternity items are short sleeves or tanks.  I did find that some of my non-maternity sweaters fit decently (for now), so that will be good now that the weather is turning consistently cooler.

I am happy to report that the eczema (if that’s what was wrong) seems to have passed.  I have been using CeraVe cream after my dermatologist advised it, and it seems to be working great.  Maybe my skin was just super dry adjusting to the temperature changes.  No nausea, no joint pain, sleeping decently (when Ashton doesn’t have a bad night)… I think I am in a sweet spot!  The only negative is that if I don’t get enough sleep, it is like it ignites my hormones and I can/will cry at ANYTHING!

I am feeling lots of movement from the baby girl and I love it.  I actually could see my belly move when she kicked the other day.  She also gave Ashton’s head a good kick when he was laying on my stomach  yesterday, haha!  I had a checkup and heard the heartbeat this week and everything was great!  My blood pressure was a little low, but it typically is.  We will keep an eye on it and any symptoms it might/might not cause.

I actually remembered to take a photo to document the bump this week!

Weeks 20 & 21

Weeks 20 & 21 After Yoga

Second Pregnancy: Weeks 15-19 (Continued Pregnancy Catch-up)

***Almost caught up!  I think the next update will be in real-time…woohoo!***

So these weeks were somewhat uneventful (which is good), so this update will be semi-short and sweet.  We had the anatomy ultrasound which is so cool.  The detail is so incredible.  The baby looked perfect, healthy and it was confirmed again that she is definitely a girl :)

Appetite-wise I was wanted lots of veggies and cold stuff.  Lots of popsicles.  Some of that I attribute to the warm weather, though.  My only real aversion was pizza.  I couldn’t stand the smell, thought or sight of it.  My mom and her sisters were over one evening watching Ashton so I could go to a wedding with my hubby.  They ordered pizza, and my one aunt made them eat it in the garage so I wouldn’t come home and smell it.  <3 That is compassion, folks.

Symptom-wise, the nausea and joint pain were gone.  But wouldn’t you know another one cropped up.  Poison Ivy.  UGH!  Seriously, I just wanted a little stretch of symptom-free pregnancy.  It was so random to get poison ivy at the end of summer/beginning of fall.  I can’t even remember the last time I had it.  It was on my arm, in between a few fingers and neck.

Well, a few weeks later I was still having some itching.  Not as bad, no bumps, just dry, red, itchy skin.  It was keeping me awake at night and uncomfortable during the day sometimes.  So after some googling (I know, don’t google symptoms), I actually think I have some pregnancy-induced eczema.  Glamourous.  It is pretty much subsided now, but it makes sense since poison ivy wouldn’t have lasted that long.

Enough of the annoying symptoms.  One of the best things that happened during these weeks?  I started to feel the baby move! <3  At my ultrasound the tech said my placenta is posterior, which is opposite of my anterior one with Ashton.  With Ashton, it took a lot longer to feel the kicks since my placenta was basically a buffer between him and me.  The tech said this pregnancy will be much different (it already is) because without the buffer, the kicks and moves will be felt much earlier and stronger.  I love it, though.  One of the things I missed most after Ashton was born was being able to feel him kick inside my belly.  It’s kind of a special bond with the baby before sharing them with the world.  Keep on kickin’ baby girl!


Where’s My Sleeper?

Today was a DAY!  Whew!  I have to remember that good and bad, everything is a phase with kids.  But today wore. me. out.

My rockstar sleeper (12 hours a night and a nap during the day) decided that 2:45 this morning was a good time to cry.  And cry.  And scream.  What???  Every now and then he will cry in the night, but it’s like he is having a dream and isn’t awake.  When that happens he usually only cries for a minute or less.  This went on.

So I went into his room, got him out of the crib, changed him and rocked him for a while.  He calmed down and seemed as though he would go back to bed and fall asleep.  Wrong.  The crying and screaming ensued.  So I got a bottle and went back in and fed him. It was like deja vu from when he was a baby.  I LOVE the snuggles, but would prefer them during the daytime.  Anyway, he ate and then I rocked him more.  It seemed like he was dozing off, so I put him back to bed.  By this time, a few hours had passed.  He cried again, but ended up laying down quickly and soothing himself to sleep.  That stretch of sleep lasted about 45 minutes to an hour, and then he woke for his “typical” morning wake up time.

Today I REALLY missed being able to drink a lot of coffee.  But we survived.

I think it has to do with his teething.  Or just getting used to his growing body.  I wish he could tell me what was wrong.

I gave him a bath tonight with some lavender essential oil in it (that stuff works miracles), and he was in a much better mood after.  The whole day was pretty much a fussy-fest for him.  We kept everything low-key and relaxed all evening, and he went to bed easily and fell asleep quickly.

I am praying tonight he sleeps through the night like he normally does and wakes up refreshed and happy :)

But even when he has a rough day, he is still the cutest thing in the world. <3


Second Pregnancy: Weeks 11-15

***What I can remember from these weeks***


So the nausea passed, but then HORRIBLE joint pain started.  Ugh!  It was like a tag-team of unpleasant symptoms.  When I googled (and of course that is what you should do when you want to be reassured everything is okay, haha) joint pain, some was typical.  But typically it was just supposed to be in your hips, maybe your wrists.  My pain hit in the evenings and it was different joints every night.  Some nights my shoulders, some nights my elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, toes…. you get the point.  It wasn’t just achy, it was keep-you-awake-at-night painful.  If it was in my wrist, I couldn’t even lift a bottle of water in or out of the fridge.

The docs said it was the time in pregnancy when you body realeases a  surge of progesterone, and sometimes it will send it to other body parts instead of the intended hips (loosening for birth).  They said it typically goes away at week 14, so when that milestone arrived and I was still having pain, I got a little nervous.  I was praying it wasn’t another immune system dysfunction.  Thank goodness when week 15 rolled in, it gradually went away and I haven’t had any trouble since.  WHEW!

My appetite had returned to (mostly) normal by this time and I had gained a couple of pounds back from the 1st trimester loss.  Things seemed on the up & up, and I was ready for a little bit of a smoother time to enjoy the pregnancy.  I wasn’t needing that afternoon nap like before and my energy was returning.  Yippee!

Gender Reveal

**Back after the gender reveal party on August 30th**

Yesterday was sooooo much fun! I didn’t take many photos, but I soaked up the family, friends and joyful moments that are still warming my heart when I think about them. I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better day.

I did capture one of the most important (although, bad quality) pictures:

IT’S A GIRL!!! 💝

I had suspicions this baby is a girl due to how incredibly different I have felt, but you just never know. I’m so thrilled to have a boy and a girl!

Ashton 14 Months

Wow, when you have a little one time FLIES!!!  Seriously, how do I have a one year old? I look back at old baby photos and he doesn’t even look like the same person.IMG_2795Now he is so big, his hair is longer and so much blonder! Oh, and the baby gate behind him in the picture above (in the wrapping still) has been up forever.  He is such a curious adventurer, everything has to be baby-proofed.  I can’t even remember when he just laid in one place.

Food he likes:

  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Cake
  • Trader Joe’s Snickerdoodles
  • Peas (huh?)
  • Hawaiian Sweet Rolls
  • Puffs & Honey Nut Cheerios
  • Pasta of any kind
  • Bananas

Random Tidbits:

  • He’s sooooo close to walking, but not yet.  He uses a little walker to get everywhere, but could totally walk without it if he let go.
  • Teething.  I think some biggies are coming in in the back because he will have days of not eating much, being fussy and getting bad diaper rash (which he’s rarely gotten).
  • Wearing size 4 diapers (size 5 in the Honest Company), 24 month/2T clothes, avoiding shoes (but that is going to change now that the weather is getting colder).
  • He is not afraid of dogs.
  • He loves exploring new places (new people’s houses, open gyms, garages…Pretty much anywhere we let him crawl around)
  • He goes to bed at 7:30pm and wakes up between 7am-815am (he always sleeps in when his DaDa is home)
  • He is pretty much taking one nap a day now that lasts 2-3 hours.  The days where he doesn’t sleep at least 2 are rough.  For us both.
  • He jabbers all day long, but nothing that I understand.  I am pretty convinced he is going to start walking and talking all at once :)
  • He is on the move all day long.
  • He gets cuter and more fun every single day.

Ashton Levi is the happiest, funniest kid I know, and I am so grateful to be his mama.  I can’t imagine life without him, he is such a joy.  Even on the hardest of days, I wouldn’t trade if for a second.  I know the time is going to keep flying and I am trying to cherish every moment.